10 Best Bikes for 2 to 3 Year Old Kids

With so many popular children’s bikes on the market, finding out which ones are the best can be overwhelming. For your kid, you want a bike that will be easy to learn to pedal on, sturdy enough to hand down, and light enough to make cycling enjoyable.

It is a fun time for a kid to learn to ride a bike, so your child does not need to wait until they are in primary school. Many of us have very fond childhood memories of riding a bike. For many kids, riding a bike is like a rite of passage, as it offers a vehicle to socialize and enjoy a little freedom with peers. While it may sound like a scary learning curve to learn to fly, it is possible to get a head start on these vital abilities.

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1. Schwinn Koen kids Bike for Toddlers, 2 Years and up

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In order to create a more convenient, optimal riding position, Schwinn SmartStart is a complete redesign of bike geometry to best accommodate the body shape of a kid. This involves a lighter bike frame for additional control, smaller grip diameters to fit smaller hands, and a narrower pedal angle to match the smaller hips of children. Some children’s bikes are only shorter versions of adult bikes.

There will be less wobble on a SmartStart bike as the child pedals, so they will feel more confident and relaxed as they go through the learning process. Plus, the seat angle has been altered such that the reach distance to the handlebar also rises as the seat is raised; this ensures that the bike will fit your child longer.


  • As they learn to ride, the Koen balance bike is built to help young children improve balance and coordination. Suitable for riders aged 2 to 4 or 28′ to 38′ in height. It does not come with pedals or wheels for training.
  • The SmartStart steel children’s rigid fork balance frame features kid-specific proportions for easier handling.
  • Smooth steering and additional stability are provided by the ball bearing headset with steering limiters.
  • The fast release seat collar provides simple adjustments to the saddle height. The included saddle handle offers easy storage and towing.
  • 12-inch Mag wheels offer a comfortable ride with EVA foam tires. When scooting, narrow rear wheel spacing with axle guards helps secure the ankles.

2. RoyalBaby Kids Bike Jenny Bunny

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  • Simple to bring together! The bike is 95 percent assembled. To mount the front wheel and brake, save the headache compared to 85% of bikes. Tools for assembly and instructions that are easy to follow are included.
  • Broad 2.125′ pneumatic tires add more stability; Solid steel frame, crank; Non-slip resin pedal; Enclosed chainguard. The front caliper brake and rear coaster brake give double protection.
  • Never-bent training wheels, safety grips, and handbrake; the unique brake lever from Royalbaby helps small riders to easily brake. As the grip dimensions are reduced to match a kid’s strength by 10 percent.
  • Incredible style and color! Cute and charming, trendy and distinctive. Adding extra fun to the trip is the basket, bell, and DIY decal. The soft seat has a handle, making it easier to catch the bike during teaching or packing.

3. JOYSTAR Pluto Kids Bike with Training Wheels

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  • This bike comes with a stable training wheel early rider.
  • Quick-release seat simplifies the height adjustment.
  • Saddle with a holder to learn to ride when the training wheel is off.
  • Foot brakes suitable for young riders don’t have enough power to manipulate the hand brake.
  • The sturdy steel frame is made of premium steel to withstand the bumps of learning, protected by our limited lifetime warranty. Because of the simple design, the bike comes with a black tire & single speed, only little maintenance required.
  • The kid’s bike comes with 85% pre-assembled body and simple assembly instruments, only pump required for tire, it typically takes about 20 minutes for a novice to assemble it.

4. Pacific Character Kids Bike

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  • Enjoy sidewalk rides on this delightful monster-themed kids bike by Pacific; 12-inch wheels fit riders ages 2 to 4, or 28 to 38 inches tall.
  • The single-speed drivetrain is easy to use; great for learning to ride.
  • The rear coaster (pedal) brake provides intuitive stopping power.
  • The durable steel frame offers long-lasting use.
  • Tool-free adjustable seat post makes it easy to fine-tune the fit.

5. Dynacraft 12″ Magna Hot Rod Kid’sBike

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  • Sturdy steel frame with deluxe paint finish.
  • Handlebar pad.
  • Rear coaster brake.
  • Removable, adjustable training wheels.

6. TOMY John Deere Heavy Duty Kids Steel Bicycle

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Boys’ John Deere heavy-duty 12-inch bike with adjustable protection and sound training wheels. This is a medium, yellow and green, pedal-powered computer. Heavy-duty, tractor-tough, and fuelled by the most abundant source of fuel in existence, which is the inexhaustible supply of energy for your baby.

This ride-on bike is strongly designed, which means it’s prepared to roll over anything that gets in its way. Heavy-tread dirt-chewing tires that come with removable training wheels to use before 2 wheels are ready for your kids.


  • For children to spend their time riding up and down the street, an exciting bicycle.
  • This bike has an adjustable seat and is made of heavy-duty steel.
  • Bring racks to store groceries or toys for children.
  • Attachments allow beginners to add additional wheels to experience the joy of cycling.
  • The maximum maximum weight is 75 lbs.

7. Huffy 12 inch Spider-Man Kid’s Bike

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The children’s Huffy Marvel Spider-Man bike has Fast-Attach technology that makes assembling simple. A blue frame with red rims and a cool Spider-Man web plaque on the handlebars feature this Spider-man bicycle for kids.

This bike promises a perfect fit as your child develops and learns, with interchangeable training wheels and an adjustable seat post. The handgrip on the back of the seat makes leading their first drives convenient for you.


  • This Quick Attach kids bike makes it quick and easy to assemble – follow these 4 simple steps in just minutes to get riding; insert fork and handlebar – fold-down pedals until they lock in place insert seat and adjust.
  • This Marvel Spider-Man 12-inch bike is perfect for beginners and ideal for riders aged 3-5 with a rider height of 37-42 inches.
  • A rear coaster brake is combined with easy to reach the front and rear handbrakes; this will make the transition to large children’s bikes much more seamless.
  • The handlebar plaque of this bike will make your little guy feel like he’s the sidekick of a superhero; the famous web of Spider-Man is positioned front and center in a bold red hue while the protective chain guard covers the ankles.
  • Colorful Spider-Man graphics in action; the robust steel frame is designed to last and is protected by our limited lifetime warranty; a fast seat release alloy is perfect for quick and precise height changes.

8. Retrospec Koda Kids Bike

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The Koda is designed for beginner cycling with top-rated safety features for easy, intuitive biking. For small riders racing off to the races, this sporty, BMX inspired bike is great. As they pedal off towards the next pursuit, a covered chain guard holds their legs secure. It is appropriate to predict sidewalk whips, park zips, and even some trip-ups along the way. The specially built frame, flexible seat, and handlebars of Koda help the bike to evolve with them.


  • For added safety, the handbuilt steel frame, one-piece crank, and complete chain guard.
  • For complete control over sidewalks, driveways, and cul de sacs, big, grippy tires.
  • The front caliper brake and the rear coaster brake give the ability for small riders to select how to slow down and halt.
  • Multiple vivid colors of girls’ polished streamers and baskets, and Retrospec waterbottles and boys’ holders.

9. BIKESTAR Safety Sport Kids Bike

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  • New and stable steel tube structure in stylish Cruiser theme with impact-resistant shimmer metallic paint finish.
  • Packed with easy-to-go ball-bearing steering, adjustable for both height and angle.
  • Ergonomically accurate bike seat, which can be tailored to the height of the rider and the correct angle to optimize stability and protection.
  • Backpedaling brake – a necessity for a child’s bike of this size.
  • 30.5cm (12 Inch) pneumatic tires on painted high-quality lightweight alloy rims.
  • Fully enclosed chainguard and ball bearings bottom bracket.

10. Albott Balance Bike for Kids

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  • Albott embraced superior aluminum alloy quality as the first pedal bike for toddlers, and the bike is just 6.6lbs so the infant can also pick it up.
  • This Toddler pushbike makes this powder coated and double colored frame more durable for several years of use and a special child cycling product.
  • In order to enhance agility, avoid crashes, and master bike riding, the no-pedal style lets your toddler or kid rely on balancing rather than pedaling.
  • This balance bike’s handlebar height is adjustable from 20′-22.9′ (51cm – 58cm) and the seat height is adjustable from 11.8′- 16.5′ (30-42cm). Suitable for children aged 18 months, 2, 3, 4, and 5 years old.
  • The specially built protective handle ends of the Albott balance bike prevent children from damaging their wrists. The handlebar and seat clamp are both filled with a safety shield so this fun trip will never harm your little one. The handbag has a noted safety line.
  • Flat-free tires are puncture-proof and lightweight with rubber foam. No need for repair. It features excellent absorption of shock. Glass / Highway / Playground/ Cobbled Lane ideal for all sorts of roads.

Buying guide for 2 to 3 year old kid’s Bike

It’s always a landmark to have your first bike, and it’s one that now comes faster than ever before. Owing to the fact that children are mastering useful abilities such as balancing, agility, and steering at a much younger age, the demand for bikes for two-year-olds is still growing. Buying a good quality bike for two-year-olds is important whether you want to get your child into cycling or help them grow their confidence.

Balance Bikes

Usually, these are no-pedal bikes that mimic a classic sports model’s look. These bikes are built to show children how to make it easier for them to move to normal pedal bikes to stabilize, organize and guide a bicycle.

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These bikes have three wheels, thus their name, and are possibly the classic children’s bicycle style. Such types of bikes are highly robust, easy to ride, and can also be operated by parents.

Although all kinds of bikes can be used by two-year-olds, before choosing a model, it is crucial that you recognize the skill of your boy. You want to make the journey as comfortable and open as possible when learning how to ride a bike. It is not a positive way to get your child started on their cycling journey by pushing them and making them do something dangerous.


Trikes like the Grow-with-Me Trike Fisher-Price have thick, smooth and sturdy wheels. When riding with an adult steering or on their own, these are meant to keep the child upright and balanced. In order to have a comfortable and simple slide on the roadside, these types of wheels are flat and do not have much grip.

The wheels are similarly smooth and sturdy for balanced bikes, such as the Radio Flyer Glide N Go Balance Machine. Although the wheels are going to be bigger in these situations and mimic the shape of a regular pedal bike. This is why balance bikes are an outstanding model for beginners to get your child used to cycling and giving them confidence on the road.


1. What size bike does a 2-year-old need?

Many children first attempt a two-wheeler at the age of three, according to the International Bicycle Fund. For those kids, a balance bike with 12-inch wheels is the usual first option. Balance bikes are pedal-less and can come with a stop, or may not. By scooting ahead with her foot on the deck, your child propels the bike and stops by literally planting her feet.

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2. How do I teach my 2-year-old to ride a bike?

Have the child position both feet behind the pedals with the seat set lower, and have them continue to ride the bike with their tiptoes forward. Encourage them to keep the bike “paddling” or “pushing” until the bike moves quickly enough on its own to balance. Have them continue pedaling until the bike is balanced.

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3. What is the best bike for a 2-year-old?

Above kids bikes are the best for your kids. Check out and choose the right size.

4. Are balance bikes safe for 2-year-olds?

A balance bike is a pedal-less bike with two pedals. Kids ride them like normal bikes, except instead of brakes, they are powered by a child’s running legs. For 2-year-olds, Balance bikes are great bikes as they teach kids to balance on two wheels and ride independently.

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5. Should a 3-year-old be able to ride a bike?

Usually, children learn to ride a bike between the ages of 3 and 8, and only over the average age of 5. When your kid is able to train or can ride a bike on their own, there are a number of common developmental influences that can affect them. Mental and Physical Progression.

6. Can a 3-year-old ride a bike without Stabilisers?

The mean age varies for a child to ride a bike without stabilizers. Children can learn to ride a bike between the ages of 3-8 years without extra assistance, or as soon as they’re comfortable riding their balance bike on their own.

7. What size bike should I buy for a 3-year-old?

A kid should ideally ride a bike that is less than 40 percent of his or her body weight. In your selected category, we recommend opting for the lightest bike.

Final Thoughts

Take measurements at home to find the right bike for your boy. You want to make sure that your child can safely hit the pedals and handlebars.

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