Best Balance Bike Reviews

Balance bikes are a great toy for toddlers. It makes them active and teaches them about body balance. A study has shown that toddlers who had balance bikes learned to ride a real bike much faster rảthan those who did not have. Balance bikes also helped them immensely with their confidence. Kids can get intimidated a little bit if they are given a real bike at first. You will also have to be with them when they will ride the real bike at a very young age, so no self-confidence will develop. A toddler needs to spend time alone to develop their own personality. You cannot possibly get a safer toy than a balance bike for that. This bike is not only safe, but there are also plenty of other benefits that we are going to discuss in detail.

Top 6 Balance Bike Reviews

Image Products
AFFORDABLEStrider 12 Classic No-Pedal Balance Bike 3 Yrs
This is one of the best selling no paddle bikes in the world.
BEST BUDGET Strider 12 Sports No-Pedal Balance Bike 5 Yrs
This is one of the best selling no paddle bikes in the world.
Schwinn Balance Bike, 12-Inch
This bike is absolutely the cutest balance bike.
SKaZAM Classic Balance Bike
The excellent look of this balance bike will attract you at the first glance.
Mini Glider Balance Bike
The price of this bike falls in medium range.

1. Strider 12 Classic No-Pedal Balance Bike

This is one of the best selling no paddle bikes in the world.  This is a very well made balance bike meant to be used by kids aged from 18 months to 48 months. This balance bike will make your child’s transition to a real bike very smooth. It comes at a very affordable price as well; actually, the price is very low for a quality bike like this. This bike is perfect in almost all aspects. It is lightweight, easy to push around, and comes with a comfortable seat.

Everything is perfect about this balance bike. It has true Strider quality is better than Strider 12 sports and Strider 12 Pro. It also scored more marks than the latest balance bike made by Schwinn. Strider got it absolutely right with this one. A couple of things the brand added in the new improved version to improve the looks. This bike is perfect as far as safety and most important parts are concerned. If a parent wants to go for a fancy-free high-quality balance bike at a low price then this bike is their best option.

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2.  Strider – 12 Sport Balance Bike, Ages 18 Months to 5 Years

Strider now has many versions of a balance bike in the market. They are coming up with updated versions every year.  This particular version of the bike is most suited for kids aged above 2 years. This bike can be used for kids aged up to 5 years.  It is suitable for both girls and boys. The seat is very comfortable and it does come with one of the biggest seats that one has ever seen in balance bikes. So, your kid will feel very comfortable riding this bike.

Minor adjustments need to be done as the kid gets older. But it can all be done by yourself. Another great thing about this bike is that it is lightweight and easy to push. This bike is available in 18 cool colors. There are no major differences between strider 12 sports and Strider 12 Classic as far as features are concerned. The brand added some new things, which, to be honest, does not add anything that was not already there in the previous version. But this updated version is now available in a high price range because of those updates. However, at the end of the day, a Strider balance bike is always more reliable than a KaZAM product.

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3. Schwinn Balance Bike, 12-Inch

This bike is absolutely the cutest balance bike. Your little princess or prince will fall in love with this toy for sure. This is one of the most well-made balance bikes that you will find in the market. This is more suitable for toddler girls aged 2 years to 5 years old. The pink color will definitely help in getting them trying the balance bike at first.

Schwinn Balance Bike will help your kids in learning balance and they will have hours of fun with the product. The adjustable seat, good quality tire everything looks as good as balance bikes made by other brands. The price is also very low. This bike is advisable for parents who have a 3-year-old girl and never tried a balance bike. It will get them ready for the real bike. You, of course, cannot hope the same quality from this bike as you do from a Strider 12 Pro or Strider Classic.

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4. KaZAM Classic Balance Bike

The excellent look of this balance bike will attract you at first glance. Every component of this bike such as the metal rims, handlebars are made with extra care.  But this bike is not for little toddlers as most of the parts are loose and toddlers have a habit of putting things inside their mouths. So if you are thinking about buying a balance bike for your kid who is 2 years old then stay away from this product and go for Strider Pro or YBIKE. This balance bike is only appropriate for kids above 3 years of age.

This bike comes with a soft padded grip which is great. The seat is also adjustable and comfortable. The most important part is the price; this bike comes at a really low price. It is much less than a Strider bike or YBIKE. A lot of users already reviewed the product and they do not have much complaint about it. So if your kid is 4 years old and you want an affordable balance bike then this one is not a bad option.

This bike is more suitable for little girls than boys and it can carry weight up to 75lbs.

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5. Mini Glider Balance Bike

On a first look, you may wonder if this is a balance bike or an actual bicycle. It looks exactly like a real bike. It is among the top-selling balance bikes on Amazon. It is for little older kids, best suited for ages 4 to 6. You can purchase this bike for both girls and boys.

The price of this bike falls in the medium range. One of the users mentioned in a review that her little boy learned to ride a real bike after only two weeks of practice on this bike. So this bike actually serves its purpose very well. Its features maybe a little too advanced for toddlers, so it is better to give this balance bike to an older kid. They will be able to do mount, turn around, and basically everything that they can do with a real bike.

The price is a little higher, but not too much. If you want the kid to learn the bike very quickly then get one of this and you will not regret the decision. Mini Glider is more popular than KaZAM Classic or YBIKE; it is almost as popular as Strider series bikes.

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Best Balance Bike

We compared all these 8 products with each other. The criteria were the same for all the bikes and we also judged on other points, we tested the products durability and child’s comfort when they ride the balance bike. After counting each factor in mind, we have decided that the best balance bike on the market now is Strider 12 Classic No-Pedal Balance Bike. This bike is not only low priced but also is extremely safe for the toddlers. This product is long-lasting and you can understand from the Amazon reviews that no one really had many complaints about this product. This bike has everything that one balance bike needs to have. It is also suitable for very small toddlers.

Benefits of using balance bikes

A balance bike is one of the best gift for your toddlers (check out our reviews for balance bikes for toddlers). Here are the top reason

  • Kids will have to go outside to play with it
  • You can also go out when your baby is on the balance bike, which means exercise for the entire family
  • Your kid will learn to ride a real bike faster if he or she practices on a balanced bike for a year
  • It can never be boring for the toddler; they can ride it in the backyard and discover things on their own
  • It is also good for developing hand-eye coordination
  • Balance bikes are safe for even autistic kids. Modern Psychiatrists highly recommend kids with mental disabilities to go out and do some physical exercises, balance bikes can give autistic toddlers a great start to life.

Balance bikes are not a new toy. Kids are using them for a long time. But today balance bike is a more relevant toy than ever. Big brands are trying to sell video games, and parents are falling for the gimmick, but kids are becoming couch potatoes because of too much time on the sofa. Balance bikes will get them out and it is an exercise. It will burn your kid’s extra calories and their hand-eye coordination will also improve significantly.

How to choose the best balance bike

A balance bike cannot possibly be counted among the dangerous toys for the toddlers or kids. However, if you are trying to gift this to your children or grandchildren, you still need to be careful about a couple of things.

1. Seat height

First of all, check out the lowest height you can get from a balance bike. If your child is too small then his or her height will be much shorter too, so you need to see if you can adjust the seat according to their heights. Some balance bike seats can be adjusted to a certain level, and if the kid is 4 years or older then he or she may find the bike too short. So while purchasing a balance bike for your toddler, the first thing you should look for is the seat height.

2. Comfortable or not

A balance bike is for toddlers, and they have really sensitive skin. So before you select a balance bike for your little prince or princess, take a look if the seat is well cushioned or not. Also, the handlebars need to be soft; otherwise, their small hands may get hurt.

3. Size

Balance bikes are not a one size fits all toy. If you are purchasing the bike for small toddlers, then go for a 12” one with an adjustable seat. For kids above 3-year-old, a 16” balance bike is most appropriate.

4. Tires

Even though it’s just a balance bike, you still need to be careful about the tires. Kids will ride in places with bumps, so opt out for rubber or foam tires.

5. Weight

It will be for small children, so it is better to get a balance bike that is lightweight.

6. Brakes

The main purpose of giving your kid a balance bike is to teach them about the real bike that they are going to ride later in life. Brakes are the most important part of a bike, so get a balance bike that also features brakes.

7. Footrests

This is also very important, kid’s small feet need rest and all the good balance bikes in the market have this feature.

8. Material

Kids will ride the balance bike until they are 5 years old or so. Get a balance bike that is durable and will last for the entire phase.

9. Bike assembly

Not every parent is great with tools, so it’s better to get a bike that is easy to assemble.

You should check out some balance bike reviews on the internet before selecting one for your child. Read Amazon reviews, they are very honest and insightful.

Tips for using a balance bike

Here is how you need to teach your kid riding a balance bike

  • First, tell them to sit on the bike and get a feel of it
  • Don’t push them, if they feel confident about sitting on the bike, they will be encouraged to use it as it meant to be
  • Give them a helmet and a pair of gloves
  • Tell them how safe these bikes are, they will get confident
  • Show them videos of other kids riding a balance bike
  • In the beginning, ask your kids to ride it at your backyard or park, don’t take the bike on the road until they get used to it.

Fixing and maintenance of balance bikes

Your toddler will ride balance bikes, but they cannot tell if the bike is all right or not. Their safety is in your hand. So it’s your responsibility to check on and off if all the screws are tight and the parts are clean. Do not let your kid take out the balance bike if any of the parts is broken. Here are some important points that you need to keep in mind as a parent:

  • Read the user manual well before assembling the bike
  • Make sure that you adjusted all the parts very well
  • Do not let the kid take the bike on a busy road
  • For small kids, you should always be there when they ride the balance bike
  • Clean the parts of the bike at regular intervals
  • Buy a pair of gloves and a safety helmet
  • If the bike has plastic parts, then sometimes take a closer look at them. (The plastic is of high quality, so no chance of getting damaged or broken.)
  • Always buy a balance bike made by a reputed brand, they are safer and easy to maintain.

Frequently questions about a balance bike

Q: Are balance bikes safe for small kids? How can I be sure that the kid will not fall off?

A: All the reputed brands make bikes in a way that the kids can never fall off from the seat. Balance bikes are for small kids, you can give the real bikes to older kids. So yes it is safe to give a one and half-year-old a balance bike. But if you are not still convinced then give your kid a helmet.

Q: We live in a busy NYC apartment; there are no lanes nearby, so where will my kid take the balance bike?

A: NYC is known for having great public parks; your kids can take the balance bike there.

Q:  What is the best age to give the kid a balance bike?

A: 2 years is the best time to introduce your kid to a balance bike.

Q:  Is it okay to ride the balance bike indoors?

A: If the room is empty then it is, but kids can get hurt by the table corners or other objects lying on the floor.


So, this was our balance bike reviews. We do hope that this article will help you to choose the perfect balance bike for your toddler. A balance bike needs to be a part of every childhood, so go and get one for your kid today. Don’t give them a bunch of video games which will make them stay inside the room all day. Playing continuous video games all day is not going to do anything good for their eyesight or concentration. Kids need to be healthy, they also need to socialize. A bunch of toddlers riding their balance bike is better than a bunch of toddlers sitting and listening to stories. This is why not just parents but all the playschools need to invest in balance bikes.