Best Guide on How To Store Your Bike

Whether you call it a tricky affair or a wise bet, one of the essential challenges to owning a bike is spotting the perfect place for its storage. Bike Storage is of vital concern to all bike-owners and bike-lovers! This applies to both kids and adults who use any type of bicycle including a balance bike, mountain bike, road bike, and neighborhood bike.

Within this topic, we spot two types of people groups. One set of people who plan and prepare to store the bike before buying it. Another set who plan and prepare for storing, after buying it. Whichever set you belong to; this article aims to guide you into storing your bikes within the place you have.

According to market research on biking storage solutions, the recommendations listed in this article(below) can eventually help you capture the BEST solution required for your bike storage needs.

In a nutshell, there are plenty of bike storage ideas including Bike Stands or Bike Rack, Bike Lifts, Bike Shelf, Multi-bike Rack, Bike Hook, Bike Cover, Bike Sheds, etc. that can accommodate road bike, mountain bike, balance bike, and more. We’ll look at the most used solutions, one by one. You should be able to take a call on what’s best for you, at the end of this article.

Bike Stands

A bicycle stand is also called a bicycle parking rack or even bike rack, where bicycles are attached securely to the ground or even to a stationed object for parking purposes. Bike rack comes for both indoor and commercial areas. Generally, bike stands are made of stainless steel or steel or thermoplastic materials. People who prefer bike stands are those who do not want their bikes to lean on the wall. Single-bike stands are affordable, portable, and simple-to-use. Bike stands take up decent storage space and it can be used to stack up road bike, mountain bike, balance bike, and more. Some of the brands offering bike stands are:

1. Bike Nook Bicycle Stand

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Bike Nook offers an easy-to-use, adjustable and convenient stand that comes with an upright design to save space in your living room or garage, freeing your floor space and preventing your bikes from damaging.

2. Saris The Boss Single Bike Storage

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Saris The Boss offers a portable, lightweight, easy-to-transport bike storage facility. It is built with recyclable materials and comes with a lifetime warranty.

3. Scorpion Bike Stand

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Scorpion offers a bike stand that comes with a load capacity of 50lbs and 4lbs of item weight approximately, making it easier to wash and with less maintenance.

Bike Lifts or Bike Hoists

Bike lifts or pulleys or hoists are a great option to secure your bike up the ceiling and for private use. This makes sense especially for those who live in modern frenzy apartments with high ceilings. One of the demerits to this type of storage is a higher effort to install it up in the air, although it comes with a pulley system and keeps it at one side of your house. Nonetheless, bike lifts may take lesser storage space and it can be used for road bikes, mountain bikes, balance bikes for kids, and more. Some of the best bike hoists are as follows:

1. RAD 2-Pack Bike Lift

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RAD offers 2-pack or 4 pack bike lift varieties. These hooks are designed with rubber coating, have 100lbs capacity to lift heavy bikes, it comes with a safety locking mechanism and a lifetime warranty. These are meant for 12ft high ceilings.

2. Racor – Ceiling-Mounted Bike Lift

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Racor bike hoists come with easy lifting, adjustable and safe pulley system, meant for garage usage. It also comes with a cord storage facility.

3. Bike Lane

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Bike Lane comes with rubber-coated protective hooks, meant for indoor use. They are easy to install and come with a safe locking mechanism to prevent the bike from falling down.

Bike Shelf

This is a stylish bike storage concept for those who are not interested in fixed metal hooks on the wall. A bike shelf is equivalent to the concept of a bookshelf. Hence, some people call it ‘bike rack’ when they think of a book rack. It consumes lesser storage space and looks neat. Along with innovative home design comes a creative bicycle shelf to match your style. There are many cool bike racks available with a focused eye for design. It can take on any kind of bike including road bike, mountain bike, and balance bike. Some of the best bike shelf brands are as follows:

1. Hasit Bike Rack Stand

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Hasit bike can accommodate any type of bike including mountain bike and a road bike. It is used as a vertical/horizontal indoor bike facility, known for a space-saving feature and high-quality rust-proof steel material. This shelf stand is approved for sturdiness and stability.

2. JAPUSOON Bike Rack

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Japusoon bike shelf comes with heat-treated high-quality steel material, convenient, and easy-to-assemble parts. It is known to take in all bikes including mountain bikes and road bikes. It is used as a vertical/horizontal indoor bike facility.

Multi-Bike Rack

If you have one or more bikes to store, then a multi-bike rack could be the best idea. This kind of bike rack can be an excellent idea for the garage, more than the living room or front hall. Multi-bike stands help keep the bikes locked and upright. To keep your bike secure, you might have to bolt them to the ground. These bike racks are made of weather-proof steel and are meant for outdoor use. A multi-bike rack can easily store bikes including mountain bike, road bike, balance bike for kids, and neighborhood bike. Top brands for multi-bike rack are as follows:

1. Delta Michelangelo Canaletto

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This multi-bike rack can lean against the wall without any attachment or drilling. It comes with an easy and quick installation process, adjustable arms to accommodate any bike, rubber bumpers, and arm sleeves. Delta’s multi-bike rack is attractive and is best suited for apartments and garages with limited space. This model can take up to 80lbs of weight.

2. Swagman Park 3-Bike Storage Rack

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Swagman Park has a 3-Bike storage rack that can accommodate all types of bike, easy to load, and expandable in multiples of three. It is budget-friendly and made of heavy-duty steel tubing. Also, multiple units can be added to rope in more bikes. The stand weighs around 8.5 pounds.

Other Bicycle Storage Solutions

Bike Hook

You could buy a bike hook and hook it up to the ceiling. It can act as a simple bike storage facility. It occupies very minimal space, it is easy to use and it can be covered up when not in use. A bike hook is even available at the hardware store. Drill the hook into the ceiling and then hang your bike off the hook by one of its wheels. Bike hooks are typically priced around $9 – $40 USD. It can easily hold bikes including road bike and balance bike for kids.

Check these brands out:

Image ProductsRatings
BEST OVERALLStoutMax Heavy Duty Bike Hook
Ideal for ceiling storage of bicycles, garage storage, recreational equipment, tools, lawn furniture, and garden hoses


BEST BUDGETImpresa Bike Hook
Our bike hangers are a great fit for all bike types, including road, mountain, hybrid, BMX, cross, cruiser, trials, tri, fixie, fitness and kids bicycles


The bike hanger is built to last.We stand behind our product and provide lifetime warranty.


Bike Sheds

Bike sheds are an outdoor bike storage facility for adults and kids with mid-high security storage. These are particularly used by people who have unused parking lots and large yards. Bike sheds storage solution can be on the higher-end of the expense, ranging from $200 – $1000 depending on the design, style, and individual-specific needs. It even can store close to 10 bikes at a time. So, you can dump all your bicycles including road bikes and balance bikes into the shed.

Check these brands out:

Image ProductsRatings
Rugged large rubber tabbed top and bottom zippers with storm flaps for easy access and full protection against water, dust, and pests.


BEST BUDGETBravindew Bicycle Shed
It includes a carry bag with handle so it can be easily transported and stored when not in use.


Bike Covers

Typically made out of vinyl material, these bike covers are primarily meant to keep the bike from rain and snow. The investment of this type is quite minimal. Bike covers work as a storage option particularly for outdoors. These can cover all bicycles including road bikes and mountain bikes.

Check these brands out:

Image ProductsRatings
It is made up of Waterproof and anti-UV material with PU coating ensures your bike stays protected.


Suitable for most of mountain bike, city bike up to 29" wheel size, and 2 bikes up to 26" wheel size


And if you do not want to ‘buy’ a bike storage unit or cannot afford one, then, read on.

If you are one of those who think making a bike rack or bike storage is doable at home, then this information is apt for you! There are umpteen ways to store a bike even otherwise. All you need is creativity, out-of-box thinking, the right materials, accurate measurements, and tools to build a bike rack/stand. Even building your bike shed could be certainly an inexpensive task, a satisfying and fun-filled activity, if you are doing it on your own.

Quick Tips to get your bike stands done at home:

To build your bike rack, you need a piece of wood, a couple of boards, some hooks, a set of handlebars, a few tools, and an old tube.
You can even consider making your bike rack with the help of pallets. One pallet can lean by the wall at an angle, while the other pallet rests on the floor. This could be a low-budget, low-security bike stand.
Self-made bike hoist can be constructed with a board, hooks, ropes, pulleys, and few tools.

In Wrapping up…

Whether you’re living in a squeezed one-bed apartment or a munificent country estate, we all got to make room for storing our bikes, isn’t it? Hope this dedicated guide to the best bike storage solutions was of some help to you.

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