Best Kids Bikes Accessories

For a new bicycle, one way to get your child over the itch is to upgrade and spice up the one they have with fun bicycle accessories for girls! When selecting bike accessories for our kids, we want to make sure they are using them and they’re practical. In this list, you’ll find accessories such as streamers or horns for the bike itself, as well as items to keep your child healthy, including some awesome helmets.

1. Coupler Hitch Attachments for Instep


  • Coupler attaches an InStep or Schwinn trailer made before 11/2/16 to a bike.
  • Comes with lock washer, coupler plate, and locking pin.
  • Compatible with Schwinn and InStep brand Trailers.
  • Trailers made after 11/2/2016 will use coupler part number 25-SA075.

This is the part that you need to connect your Schwinn or InStep trailer to your bike. It is called a coupler, but it acts as a trailer hitch for your bicycle. It allows for a trailer to be connected and reconnected on a daily basis without tools.

2. Firmstrong Classic Beach Cruiser Bicycle Bell

  • Classic ringer bell easily mounts to the handlebars of most bicycles.
  • Great for all Firmstrong men’s, women’s, and kid’s cruiser bikes.
  • Ring bell to let others know you are approaching.
  • Includes bell and attachment hardware; some assembly required.
  • Color match or mix-and-match the frame of your bike.

Customize your Firmstrong beach cruiser bicycle with this classic Ringer bike bell, which easily mounts to the handlebars of most bicycles. Great for all styles of bikes, this Ringer bell is a stylish safety accessory that announces your approach to other bikers and pedestrians. Color match or mix-and-match the frame to your bike. This set includes bell and attachment Hardware; some assembly required. Firmstrong has been designing high quality, affordable bikes for 10 years with a focus on blending style and functionality to create an experience for riders — not just a Mode of transportation.

3. Bike Peddler Take A Look Cycling Eyeglass Mirror

  • Frameless acrylic mirror provides wide uninterrupted field of vision; mirror surface measures 1 – 7/16 inches x 1- 1/16 inches.
  • Mirror face adjusts by rotating it 90° from the wire; fore and aft rotations offer fine-angle adjustments.
  • Three-point attachment system adjusts for a secure fit without vibration and can be attached to either your eye glasses or helmet visor.

This unique cyclist’s mirror has 3 pivot points for total adjustment. Fully adjustable lightweight rear view mirror, can be fitted to either eye glasses or a helmet visor. Mirror face is adjusted by rotating at a 90 degree angle from the wire, and rotates fore and aft for the fine angle adjustments. The mirror has a wide field of vision. It can be attached to either your eye glasses or helmet visor. Adjusts to fit on right or left side. Frameless acrylic mirror provides wide, uninterrupted field of vision. Three point attachement system adjusts for a secure fit without vibration. Made in USA. Features: Three pivot points for total adjustability Wide field of vision Durable stainless steel & brass frame with an optically correct acrylic mirror.

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4. Children Cycling Bike Safety Trainer Handle Balance Push Bar

  • Best way teach your kid to ride the bike who don’t need the traning wheels and your kids want to control bike by,this handle bar give your child the confidence and safety control to master bicycle riding.
  • The Bike Trainer assures parents a new level of ease and effectiveness in teaching their children how to ride a bicycle.
  • The safest, fastest, easiest bike training concept on the market.
  • Sturdy, well made,hight quality product.the grip on the handle is a no-slip type, the handle itself is a good heavy gauge so it will not bend.

5. Ride Along Dolly Doll Bike Seat with Decorate Yourself Decals

  • Easily attaches to the seat post of your bike with idiot-proof instructions – with or without hand brakes.
  • Girl Themed Decals and design make a special gift for your loved one.
  • Fits all standard dolls and stuffed animals 18″ – 22″ and dolls less than 3lbs.

Ride Along Dolly provides a variety of high-quality and affordable bike accessories for your child. With highly detailed accessories, your child will be riding around in style with her dolls and toys. From doll bike seats to handle bar streamers, Ride Along Dolly will continue to keep your child’s bike looking fresh and fun.

6. μCycle Training Wheels – Steel Reinforced Training Stabilizer Wheels for Kids Bikes

  • Universal Training Wheels for children’s bicycle sizes 12-20 inches with double-adjustable height fit for single-speed bicycles. Material: Steel, Rubber, Plastic.
  • Reinforced Steel Brackets with triangular support provide strong stability and resist bending. Wide brackets give children better balance as they build confidence to ride on their own. (thickness: 3mm, outwards width: 3.4”).
  • Extra Steel Reinforcing Clip provides sturdy support for larger bikes that few competitors include, keeping wheels securely fastened.
  • Simple Installation instructions and complementary wrench are provided so your child can start riding ASAP, no waiting.

7. SCOOT Scooter & Bike Horn

  • Go retro! These colourful horns look great on your scooter or bike.
  • SCOOT have designed these horns to fit on any scooter and most kid’s bikes.
  • These shatterproof horns are designed to take the rigours of kids.
  • Made out of high quality polycarbon, they are super strong and don’t shatter when dropped.

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8. Bike Training Wheels Bicycle Stabilizers Mounted Kit

  • These training wheels are suitable for 18 to 22 inches children bicycles and you can adjust it fit bike of your kids.
  • High quality metal and rubber. These heavy duty rear wheel are very sturdy and durable.
  • Comes with fittings, all mounting hardware and installation instructions is included.The support brackets are individually adjustable.
  • This set of heavy duty rear wheel stabilizers assists young learners to ride bicycle until they find a sense of balance on the bike.
  • Some bikes like those one-armed-frame bikes and bikes that rear frame tail hook angle are particularly large are not suitable for this training wheels.

9. N3od3er Kids Bike Pedals Upgraded Resin

  • Designed to fit 16″18″ youth bikes.
  • With 1/2″ axle,Product size, 3.93 x 3.15 x 1 inch.
  • Bearings system optimizing every pedal stroke.

10. ABUS Granit XPlus 540/160 HB 230, 9 Inch U Bike Lock

  • High Picking protection, Security Level: 15.
  • Double locking, High Pulling resistance, Includes “Lighted Key!
  • Outer dimensions (width/length/height): 7″ x 11.6″ x 1.6″
  • Inner dimensions (width/length): 4.25″ x 9″

The Granit X-Plus 540 is the flagship bicycle U-Lock from ABUS. Ideal for urban settings and high-quality bicycles needing strong theft protection, the 540 features a patented 13mm temper hardened steel square parabolic shackle and a double bolting shackle/lock body. Patented ABUS Power Cell technology offers the highest protection against hitting and pulling attacks while the X-Plus Key cylinder offers extremely high protection from picking. The 540 can be keyed alike with other ABUS locks featuring the same X-Plus cylinder – very convenient for multi-lock and multi-bike households.