Fun Cycling Ideas To Get Kids Active On Balance Bike

[vc_section][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Balance bikes are relatively new when it comes to bicycle training. Parents usually rely on training wheels and fuss over their children to teach them to pedal correctly. All this effort usually frustrates both the child and the parents. Balance bikes do not call for such coaching. Children learn it themselves and the good part of it is that they can start as early as two years.

The concept of a balance bike is to make bicycle training easier for children and parents. With the children being able to use it easily, they develop confidence and are proud of the bikes. It also makes them feel independent to a certain extent. It also makes the transition from balance bikes to pedal bikes easier, because your child understand the basics of the bicycle before they are ready for a pedal bike. Here are some ways that you can make balance biking fun for your children.

1. Make bicycling a family thing

If your child gets the support of the family as he starts on his balance bike, they will feel more confident. Go on bicycle rides with your children to show them the fun of bicycling. Choose streets that are safe and avoid busy routes so that it is easy for your kid. This will boost your child’s confidence and make it easier for them to transition to pedal bikes.

Start with short trips so that you do not tire yourself or your kid, then you can gradually increase the distance and enjoy longer trips. Consider your child’s capabilities and do not make their little legs tired or else they may not want to take the trips again.

2. Let your kid fraternize at a park or the beach

Parks and beaches are a great place for kids to find other children who use balance bikes. They can play with each other and race on their bikes as they learn to use their bikes. While you may be able to teach them how to use the balance bike, their confidence gets a boost when they are able to use the balance bikes around other children.

3. Games

Make balance bikes more fun by indulging your kid in games that involve the bike. You can race them as they ride the bike, or simply teach them tricks of the bike and help them develop situational awareness by asking them to stop at a designated point and see if your child is able to apply brakes in time or not.

These are some easy ways in which you can make your kid more active on balance bikes. With these bikes you do not have to run along with them or hold their seats or worry about them not being able to pedal properly. Balance bike makes cycling a lot easier and children become familiar with bicycling so that they can move to pedal bicycles easily.

The balance bikes are usually lightweight and more portable than the traditional pedal bikes. So you can carry them around easily when you are going for a picnic or if you want to take your child to the beach.


The independence and sense of accomplishment they achieve from riding a bike makes these bikes great for kids and parents. Children will automatically take to using the balance bikes for long periods of time without you having to put much effort. Kids find these balance bikes to be cool and love spending time on these bikes as they are eyed by other kids and parents. While it not only helps your kids to understand bicycling it also educates them on following the traffic rules and deal with situational dangers.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][/vc_section]