How To Choose The Right Size Balance Bike For Your Child

The thrill of biking is one of the best memories of childhood. For children, riding is a joy that can hardly be forgone. It makes it fun for them to go outdoors, and riding keeps them physically fit. Bikes also make children a little independent. When choosing a bicycle for your kid, it is important that you choose a size that will be comfortable. Children grow quickly, so selecting the right size can be a little difficult but the right size of balancing bike is necessary so that your child can ride with more confidence.

Try not to go ahead of time by buying your kid a bigger bike thinking that your child will soon grow into it. This is not a good idea especially when your child is just beginning to learn a bike. You want them to be comfortable and the best way to ensure this is by buying a bike that will be the right size for your child.

1. Inseam

Your child’s inseam is measured from the floor to the crotch with shoes on. This length helps you determine the height of the seat which will be good for your child. The minimum height of a bike should an inch and 1.5 inch below the inseam. Seat heights for bikes vary from 10 inches to 26.5 inches. So you have a lot of options to choose from. This also means that the same bike will not work for every child.

You must measure your child’s inseam to determine a seat height that will make it easy for your child to ride the bike.

2. Tire Size

Balance bikes are available in different tire sizes. They vary from 10 inches to 20 inches. The most common sizes are 12 inches and 16 inches. Most of the parents are unable to decide between these two sizes. While sizes can make a big difference, it is best for your child to test ride the bike so that you have a fair idea of whether it will be suitable for your child or not.

If you keep the inseam and the tire size in mind, it will be easy for you to pick a bike for your child, however, in addition to these, you may also want to consider the weight of the bicycle which should be more than 30% of your child’s weight.

3. Safety

Safety is paramount, so your considerations before buying the bike is necessary to ensure you keep your child safe. When you go to buy a bike make sure that your child takes a test ride. This will help you figure out if the bike is right for your child or not. You should check if your child is able to sit properly on the bike.