Why Your Child Should Learn To Ride A Balance Bike?

Balance bike or bicycle is a training bicycle, this helps the toddlers to learn and understand the balancing and steering of a bike. The balance bike has a very simple setup, they don’t feature any pedals or drive train and this is the first step for children to learn how to ride a bicycle. There is a lot of confusion among parents these days to whether buy a balance bike or tricycle or training wheels bike. There are few factors to be considered which gives balance bike an edge over the other.

1. Balance bikes offer more safety


Safety is an important factor when riding a bicycle. Balance bikes are much practical and offer better safety than usual training wheels and tricycles. Slow tricycle poses many dangers, they can easily tip over on angled and uneven surfaces. Children are safer on a balance bike as they focus more on balancing rather than pedaling. This prepares the child for any sudden loss in balance and reduces their tendency to fall. Once they master balancing the bike they can skip the training wheel and can start riding the normal bike.

2. A balance bike is more economical

Most people don’t buy a balance bike because they consider that to be a waste of money but actually balance bikes are quite economical. One balance cycle eliminates the need for a training wheel and tricycle. Also, the resale value of a balance bike is higher than the usual tricycles and 12” bikes. This makes the overall expenditure or investment less in case of a balance bike than buying tricycles and 12” bikes.

3. Encourage kids to play outside

These days kids are simply glued to technology, they don’t want to go out and they spend a lot of time watching TV or playing with gadgets. This will encourage the kids to go out and play. Kids can independently play and ride the bike. The child also learns to balance on his own and tackles different environment situations. Kids quickly realize the different activities they can do with their bikes, they can wander and roam easily anywhere, and moreover balance bikes are simple to use. There are no batteries, no instruction. Kids can have a pure fun time with these bikes.

4. A balance bike can provide a quality family time

Today’s busy schedule makes it very difficult for parents to find quality family time with their kids. They often feel bad about this fact that they are not able to spend some time with their kids and if they find time then going on small walks with your kids on strollers and tricycles is not that much fun. Parents have to drag a very heavy and noisy setup which cannot be counted as fun. Balance bikes on the other hand allow kids to easily wander on the sidewalks and bike paths at safe speeds. Also the family can enjoy great outdoor activities. Balance bikes are very easy to transport in the cars because they don’t have protruding pedals or extra wheel and it can be used everywhere and can be carried easily as well.

5. Balance bike helps to learn faster

It has been seen that the toddlers who ride a balance bike learn to ride pedal bikes faster and better than those who learn on traditional tricycles and training wheels. Balance bike riders usually learn to ride a bike very early, it is not uncommon to see them ride the bike as early as the age of three. But usually with training wheel and tricycle kids learn to ride at an age of five or six. It also makes the transition from Balance bike to pedal bike easily. The kids adapt pedal bikes much easier than transitioning from training wheels and tricycles, you don’t have to run along with them or hold their seats, simply give them the new pedal bike and give a couple of days and watch your toddler ride the bike on his own.


To conclude, a balance bike offers many advantages and peace of mind over the other options such as tricycle and training wheel. These are safer and provide a faster learning schedule. The transition from balance bike to pedal is also simple and these bikes can be easily transported because of the absence of pedals or auxiliary wheels.